1. [Tsukishima Area] Bon-chan the tortoise

  2. [Kachidoki Toyomi Tsukishima Area] Melon brea…

  3. [Tsukishima Area] Fried liver

  4. [Tsukuda Area] Ishikawajima Lighthouse

  5. [Harumi Area] Yakatabune (Funayado)

  6. [Kachidoki Toyomi Area] Kachidoki Bridge

  7. [Tsukishima Area] Nishinaka-dori Street

  8. [Tsukuda Area] Tsukuda-kobashi Bridge

  9. [Tsukuda Area] Tsukudani

  10. [Tsukuda Area] Tsukudajima (Tsukuda Island)

  11. [Tsukuda Area] Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine

It is said that Tsukuda Island was once divided into east and west by a canal, and a bridge is still built where there used to be a bridge connecting the two islands (Tsukuda 1 -7 -1). This photo spot is popular for its quaint atmosphere (Actually, it's concrete.) with vermilion lacquered parapets and giboshi. In the canal near the bridge, a huge tree called "Kakegi" is submerged. It is erected once every three years for the festival of Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine as the pillar for a large banner. Famous places drawn by Utagawa Hiroshige in Edo Hyakkei can be revived.