1. [Tsukishima Area] Bon-chan the tortoise

  2. [Kachidoki Toyomi Tsukishima Area] Melon brea…

  3. [Tsukishima Area] Fried liver

  4. [Tsukuda Area] Ishikawajima Lighthouse

  5. [Harumi Area] Yakatabune (Funayado)

  6. [Kachidoki Toyomi Area] Kachidoki Bridge

  7. [Tsukishima Area] Nishinaka-dori Street

  8. [Tsukuda Area] Tsukuda-kobashi Bridge

  9. [Tsukuda Area] Tsukudani

  10. [Tsukuda Area] Tsukudajima (Tsukuda Island)

  11. [Tsukuda Area] Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine

A vault bridge across the Sumida River. It is a structure to let a ship through by jumping up the center part. Since November 1970, it has been "an unopened bridge" due to the lack of large vessels, but all facilities remain. Highlights include the cockpit, traffic lights, and road crossings. There is also "Kachidokibashi Museum" (Tsukiji 6 -20 -11, open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) that introduces the history of the bridge at the foot. It is known for its blue and green illumination.