1. [Tsukishima Area] Bon-chan the tortoise

  2. [Kachidoki Toyomi Tsukishima Area] Melon brea…

  3. [Tsukishima Area] Fried liver

  4. [Tsukuda Area] Ishikawajima Lighthouse

  5. [Harumi Area] Yakatabune (Funayado)

  6. [Kachidoki Toyomi Area] Kachidoki Bridge

  7. [Tsukishima Area] Nishinaka-dori Street

  8. [Tsukuda Area] Tsukuda-kobashi Bridge

  9. [Tsukuda Area] Tsukudani

  10. [Tsukuda Area] Tsukudajima (Tsukuda Island)

  11. [Tsukuda Area] Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine

Boating, enjoying cherry blossom viewing in spring, fireworks viewing in summer and banquets on board. Along the Sumida River, there are many boat inns that have been operating since the Edo period. At the foot of the Reimei-bashi Bridge, boats depart from the Asashio (small boat) pier (Harumi 3 -1), Odaiba and the boat pier of Nihonbashi. If you walk along the canal, you can see yakatabunes anchored here and there.