1. [Tsukishima Area] Bon-chan the tortoise

  2. [Kachidoki Toyomi Tsukishima Area] Melon brea…

  3. [Tsukishima Area] Fried liver

  4. [Tsukuda Area] Ishikawajima Lighthouse

  5. [Harumi Area] Yakatabune (Funayado)

  6. [Kachidoki Toyomi Area] Kachidoki Bridge

  7. [Tsukishima Area] Nishinaka-dori Street

  8. [Tsukuda Area] Tsukuda-kobashi Bridge

  9. [Tsukuda Area] Tsukudani

  10. [Tsukuda Area] Tsukudajima (Tsukuda Island)

  11. [Tsukuda Area] Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine

The tortoise owned to Hisao Mitani, the president of Mitani Funeral Society (Tsukishima 3 -7 -7), is a male African turtle. When his wife bought it at a pet shop 23 years ago, it was palm-sized, but now it weighs 50 kilograms. He likes walking, so if I'm not busy with work, we take a walk in the neighborhood every evening. He eats fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas and cabbages. You are lucky if you happen to come across them.